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  1. Is there a website where to you search for all the books that's ever written on trading and investments? Traders press is down or moved? Thanks.
  2. those old books were expensive, some of them sold for $320

    the first thing I did when I started making money was order every book I only use to dream of when I was first starting to learn about the stock and commodity markets

    after a while I had a world class collection of worthless books

    if you ever go back to my old home town, you can check them all out for free at the local library where I donated them all

    nowadays, everybody just uses amazon

    search amazon trading books

    I just bought one for kindle pc that I always wanted to read for $2.19 (published in 1979.)

    but all those books provided a foundation for me to work off of

    especially on the internet when somebody says they have a new idea, and you can remember reading about it years ago in a book
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    There is also google book previews; which can often give a flavor.
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  6. What i am looking for are those books in the 1900s up to 1970s or so. The newer books aren't good imo. Good books on amazon do not have any reviews. I like to read what traders back then think of the market.

    Maybe i should go to a librarian. He/she might be able to help me there.
  7. yes, you don't need to go to the librarian, she won't know what you are talking about. Many of us donated our books to the library, or their heirs did. It's a good weekend hobby now.

    I started out at the San Francisco Public Library

    I had a friend who bought the complete set of Gann at a garage sale. Before that he was a pretty sensible guy. But he thought it was some kind divine intervention and has never been the same since.

    If you have a girlfriend that likes to travel, always have some time for her to shop while you go to the library. Those books are spread around all over the world. Sometimes you don't have to read them, you just have to sort of look through them.
  8. I like to peruse older stuff from time to time.
    What are some of the books you would consider good from pre- 70s?

    Dow 2000 (1966), Benton Davis, is one of those old books I like to look back upon.
  9. the ones where they cal at&t "Telephone."
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