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  1. I trade about 4 million shares/month (3mill listed and 1 million Nasdaq). Strictly daytrade/scalp. I am looking to trade remotely with a prop firm with competitive rates. Please private message me if you can help.

    Oh and I am not interested in Andover (for my own reasons). So if there is anyone else out there I would like to hear what you can offer.
  2. curious..why not andover?
  3. curious...why andover?
  4. curious...why andover?
  5. lol.
  6. you should try heartland. probably the best software out there for scalping and very competitive rates; if you trade in the NYC area with that volume, you could probably get down to about $7-8 a ticket rate. call them and see.
  7. I'm pretty sure they use a DOS version of Watcher which I am not crazy about.
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    as homer would say, "DOUGHHHHHHHHHHH" i had to use trac data(dos version) a few years back, what a nightmare!!!!
  9. I'm pretty sure you'd better check again :)

    They do still use a version of Watcher, but it's completely re-written and completely windows based. It's highly configurable; more so than some of the other Watcher based platforms out there that I've seen. You also have access to FirstAlert, so all the tools you need are there.

    If you're serious about looking for a new firm, you'll be much better off doing the investigating yourself -- calling around and visiting the offices. That's what I did, and that's why I settled on Heartland.
  10. They call Watcher "Windows based" because the program resides in a window. Apart from that, the interface is anything but Windows based. It's the most barebones, tedious, and uncustomizable trading platform I've ever seen...and if you like mice, fuggggetaboutit.
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