Searching for a good analytical package (Excel)

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for an Add-In for Excel which provides a wide variety of functions to analyse Options.

    Mainly I will need functions to calculate the implied volatility of index and stock options which may be european or american.

    It doesn't have to be a free tool. If it is a good Add-In I will be glad to pay for it.

    Thanks for you help,

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  4. options oracle?
  5. Options Oracle is free and may be what you're looking for. Depends on what you are wanting to do. Looks pretty nice, especially for the price!

    TOS has some excellent tools that come free with the platform, and you may want to check out OptionStar.

    I can vouch for the last two from personal experience.
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    If you can do without a lot of handholding, it's hard to beat Hoadley. If you need more support, Montgomery Investments has an extensive array of add-in functions available, However, it costs many times what Hoadley costs.

    If you're really a do-it-yourselfer, you could simply get the Espen Haug book The Complete Guide to Option Pricing Models, which comes with a CD of Excel implementations of the various models and functions he talks about in the book. Be sure to get the second edition, as I know of at least 1 major bug in the implementation that comes with the first edition. There may be some problems with some of the more obscure functions in that book too, but the main functions seem to be debugged by now.

    I haven't looked at Optionstar for a year or so, so maybe something has changed since then. But it was not a set of functions at all, just an application built on Excel. I found it a little clumsy for some of the products I'm interested in, with problems such as the fact that T-bond and T-note futures and option prices were expressed in decimals rather than 32nds and 64ths. Worse, the Eurodollar option calculations were done COMPLETELY wrong, ignoring the (non-standard) way these products are set up and rendering the calculations completely useless. Other than Eurodollars though, it is convenient for downloading option chains, looking at implied volatilities, and generally seeing what's going on with them. It has some other functions as well that may or may not be relevant for you - worth taking a look at.