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  1. Hi, I want to trade Eurex equity options and I search for brokers (preferably US brokers) that charge low commissions, don't charge extra fees (such as minimum activity fees, cancel/modify fees, etc.), and generally provide reasonable customer service.

    I don't know which brokers enable Eurex trading according to the above parameters and it will be great if you could give me a few names. Thanks!
  2. Any suggestions?
  3. There is a long list. Could you please refer me specifically to the ones that enable Eurex equity option trading? Thanks
  4. I've always had something against the status-quo and that is why I don't trade with a large firm. My broker is Cannon Trading and they do allow you to trade Eurex. They're based in LA. Check them out:
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    What about Generictrade , no minimums and i think they do Eurex options , 59 c per side plus exchange ...
  6. If there is a status quo, often there is a reason. Especially in this sector, where scammers grow like mushrooms.

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    They only seem to trade future and future options.
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