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  1. i'm trying to find a way to search an index, so that i am able to see what stocks are within that index. is anyone familiar with a resource that can do this? i thought that it was going to be relatively simple, but i haven't had much luck in my research attempts thus far.

    thanks in advance...

  2. might meet your needs.

    - Spydertrader
  3. thanks for the response. does what i am looking for, but the indexes that it covers is very limited. i'm wondering if there is a resource that does just that, but with more specific indexes, such as $XAU, $SOX, and so on...

  4. Aok


    Yes. Msn. Moneycentral stockscreener.

    I'll post a link but not certain it'll work

    Click in field column, click company basics, select industry. Set operator equal to = then select industry in value column.

    Or click field column, click stockscouter rating, select sector, select index. Just search for those particulars. Extremely comprehensive scanner. EOD only.