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  1. Can one not search a user and bring up all their past posts like before? It appears that one can now only bring up the threads to which they posted and start from the beginning of the thread (page 1)? Not very user friendly, especially if the threads are long, as finding posts by the specific user would take sifting through the entire thread. I tried to use the search function within the thread to filter for a specific user, that did not work. Regardless, even if this did work, its still a two step process for what use to be a one step process.
  2. FXforex


    Yes you can, buy clicking on the users name and select from the options.


    But I posted what I think is a violation of your privacy, if you visit someones profile it will be listed under Recent Visitors in that persons profile. I think that should be disabled.
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    FXforex is correct on the searching for users question.