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    We are a french based company editing a succesfull website in France targeting active traders and investors. Our site is build around a super fantasy portfolio contest and includes forums, blogs and more.
    We are willing to expand our success to foreign stock markets (US, UK,Canada, Germany,Italy,China, Thailand, India ...) and are looking for partners who could help us market, animate and manage each new entity.
    The partnerhsip would consist on an ad revenue sharing program (50/50). We provide and maintain the website, you promote it through web, forums, networks, animate and moderate the site and the forum.
    Ideally we are looking for either an individual or a company who already owns a website with consequent trafic and could integrate our website or send visitors, or someone who is active and influent on trading boards.

    Anyway, we are open to any proposition to make things happen!
    If you want to know more, please send an email to, precising which stock market you could be interested in and how you could be "the" partner we are looking for.

    Best regards
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    Hello rcanfiel,
    are you starting some wages negociations at this point or just trying to annoy me ?:confused:

    We are not talking about a simple blog or site for 'a few bucks' here, so I would be really happy if you could give me your address book with people developing and maintaining such a site for a few bocks :cool:.
    The job of animating our site should take no longer than 3 hours a day on average, maybe more at the beginning.
    An existing website with consistent traffic could find with us a way to add a new module to its site and attracts new/more visitors, or keep current visitors longer.

    Please do not hesitate to ask for details or make some proposal by mail or pm.