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    Firefox Browser

    After doing a Google search I get the search results page. So far so good. BUT when I try to click any of the links on the page I get redirected somewhere else.

    Example Google "Spam" and I get:

    Third link from top is a Wikipedia page, I click it but instead of Wikipedia I get:

    I can circumvent the problem by a copy and paste of the address but that's getting old.

    Spyware, virus, browser setting or something else?
    (I only started having this problem a couple of days ago)
  2. Most without any problems will likely not be able to repeat your problem (I for instance, didn't get that outcome, it went directly to wikipedia).

    I've seen something like this before, and it was very hard to eliminate. Do a search on 'redirect virus.' or trojan. I had to eliminate an unusual chrome file to get rid of mine; no antivirus (even combofix) worked on that one.
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    Just my luck it can't be something easy.

    I did just notice "" showing up in the bottom left hand corner while the page is being redirected to places I don't want to go. I'm wondering if that's related to my problem.
  4. That's a classic sign of redirect virus. I've often promoted this site, because they are free and the moderators are very helpful.
  5. I doubt that it's a browser setting issue. Have you been able to see what happens with a different browser?

    If it turns out to be an infection, and if it's something new or new-ish, you should consider running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (not sure if you're aware MBAM or not)

    I have disinfected quite a few computers using just this tool (mostly ones belonging to my parents). The guys at (another help forum) swear by it. It can produce some remarkable results, and it's free. I pay for the MBAM real time scannner.
  6. most Help forums want you to attach a HijackThis report, if you dont have it
    download here:

    if you don't have it installed you won't know the first time you do a scan what
    should and shouldn't be there, once your system's clean, scan and keep a
    copy of that report
    not all 'virus/trojans' will appear in HT tho some might, or if your homepage
    changes. i use an old Sygate firewall and occasionally when some crap
    installs i'll see it listed in the Application List and can find its location, then
    will google whatever it is looking for uninstall instructions
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and advice guys. I'm down loading the software now.
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    That's the one that worked.

    Should we ever meet you have one large adult beverage of your choice coming.
  9. This has happened to me a couple of times already. I thought it was just my internet connection acting up. But I was wrong, it has happened to you guys as well.

    What seems to be the problem with that? It does happen to me more than twice already, but not all the time. There are just times. Is it possible that there is a network clogged or something?
  10. Really amazing to see how the virus, malware and other such software are able to create trouble despite of so many anti-virus software available!

    Someone commented that anti-virus companies actually encourage malicious software as it helps them to grow! Is this true?
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