Sean Hannity Tonight

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  1. This will be for the ages folks.
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    If only I listened to him.

    I read this on Trader-X's blog and he mentions Hannity. He makes some valid points about the hate those guys have spread.
  3. He is the most hateful despicable person ever to have access to a microphone.
    but tonight both the anger and despair will be too much too miss.
  4. You need to chill.

    Your boy won. Let's see what he does now that he has the baton. I wish him the best and give him the benefit of the doubt, for now, as all of us should.

    If you are a true Obama supporter, you will take what he said in his speech to heart last night. Or didn't you listen to his speech?
  5. Yes, but Hannity is a delicacy. I've been watching foxnews all day, it's such a pleasure today.
  6. about time the other guy whats his name got the chops
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    Yes, it was a great speech.
  8. One of the truly most ignorant rants I have read. Why is it the left simply cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with them? Newsflash, people are allowed to have a difference of opinion. That doesn't make them evil. This traderx moron can't seem to understand that. I notice he didn't attack the two biggest spewers of hate and divisiveness, Olbermann and his sidekick maddow.
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