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  1. this bros was gunned by the nypd ano now the pigs has just been acquitted by the jew judge.
    no justice. no peace.
  2. You are a moron who is writing in the same way you seem to be accusing others; bigots, and racists. Here you go spewing the same b.s.. I don't know anything about what you are writing, but your obvious stupidity and bigotry is obvious. DUMB SHIT! It's piles of shit like you that we have world wars.
  3. another cracker in the house.
    it's cracker like ya that make the world despise america.
    before ya open your idiotic mouth, read the entire court transcripts.
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  5. I'm not going to read it, I don't need to, I know the crap that goes on. I live in a city that has had plenty of headline making racial crimes and injustices. The point being writing and talking like a dumbass, and making racial, religious, and ethnic deragatory comments is doing the same thing. Every Race, Religion, group, has more than enough dickheads to go around, and you seem to be one, writing the comments you do.
  6. along with the rev al sharpton, we will shutdown nyc on wed.
  7. No justice no peace.

    Question. I thought the mantra would be "we want the truth" mnnhhh perhaps we have it, hence the cry for justice, no one likes the truth.
  8. People are playing the racism card in this, and anyone who does is retarded, seeing how 2 of the cops that shot him were also black.
  9. At the NAACP meeting, Mr. Wright proudly propounded the racist contention that blacks have inherently different "learning styles,"

    Pursuing a Ph.D. by logging long hours in the dusty stacks of a library, Mr. Wright announced, is "white."
    Blacks, by contrast, cannot sit still in class or learn from quiet study, and they have difficulty learning from "objects" — books, for example — but instead learn from "subjects," such as rap lyrics on the radio.
    These differences are neurological, Whites use what Mr. Wright referred to as the "left-wing, logical and analytical" side of their brains, whereas blacks use their "right brain," which is "creative and intuitive."
    When he was of school age in Philadelphia following the Supreme Court's 1954 desegregation decision, Mr. Wright said, his white teachers "freaked out because the black children did not stay in their place, over there, behind the desk." Instead, the students "climbed up all over [the teachers], because they learned from a 'subject,' not an 'object.' " How one learns from a teacher as "subject" by climbing on her, as opposed to learning from her as "object" — by listening to her words — is a mystery.

    Rev. Wright may be correct. It seem a lot of the police abuse is from the subjects not following the instructions of the officers.

    Sean Bell did not just stop as he was told, he was fidgeting, and the cops got nervous.

    It is wise to respect the authority when the police are investigating , do not argue or whine, keep your hands visible.
    Use your left-side of the brain.
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    Don't you just love it?

    Sean Bell:

    1. ...had less than 20/400 vision in his right eye.

    2. ... his autopsy showed his blood-alcohol level at least twice the legal limit for driving — when he climbed behind the wheel that night.

    Well, let's see... poor eyesight and driving drunk. He could have killed someone and devastated an innocent family. Perhaps justice was served in a pre-emptive manner.
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