Seal The Border With Mines If Necessary

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    I'm getting really sick of the pansy ass wimps leading the GOP.

    Speaker Boehner proposes amnesty for kids of illegals, as if that will stop Democrats from calling Republicans anti-Hispanic. Why are House GOP leaders reviving the Senate's dead-on-arrival amnesty bill?

    On the issue of immigration there is only one urgent task: securing America's inexcusably porous southern border. We now house 11 million illegals because our border is filled with holes. Fixing it is separate from what to do with the nation's many uninvited guests.

    And failing to seal the border first — i.e. repeating the mistake of 1986 — will mean millions more illegals to figure out what to do with years from now.

    If the Republican Party (aka the Stupid Party) were smart, it would tell Democrats to go ahead and do all the things they promise they'll do after they get the amnesty they so keenly desire (because amnesty means millions more Democratic votes).

    Go ahead and spend $3 billion on a "border surge," with tens of thousands more border police, 700 miles of new fencing, video cameras, ground radar, lookout towers, seismic monitors, new squadrons of choppers, and — of course — drones, as they promise.

    When several years pass we'll see how permanently secure the border really is. Then we can talk about relief for the millions whose first act within this country was to break our laws by entering without permission.

    This would be a wildly popular policy that could be explained in a sentence or two, a stance House Speaker John Boehner and his lieutenant, Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., could be proud of.

    Instead, it seems the Senate Democrats' former chief fundraiser, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, was right in claiming that "Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership realize that doing nothing is not an option" on immigration reform — meaning a GOP embrace of amnesty in some form.

    Boehner now wants citizenship for children who came to the U.S. illegally courtesy of their parents. "This is about basic fairness," he says. Cantor, also donning the "Compassionate Conservatism" hat, called it "an issue of decency and compassion."

    But on cue, Democrats warned they would withhold support unless it was part of a blanket amnesty for the entire ocean of illegals; looks like Boehner and Cantor will find that amnesty is amnesty.

    Troublingly, Politico reports that Boehner on Thursday said he thought legislation would pass the House before a debt ceiling vote in October or November.

    He and Cantor seem poised to commit the kind of strategic error Ronald Reagan seldom stumbled into: taking the advice of his enemies in the media and the Democratic Party. Schumer warned on Fox News Sunday earlier this month that Republicans "are going to be a minority party for a generation" if they don't back amnesty.

    In fact, Schumer is pushing amnesty — which might as well be called a Democrat vote drive — so hard because he knows it can help his party become all-powerful, perhaps permanently.
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    Only a hand full of republican congressmen and ever fewer democrats even want the border truly secured in the first place.

    Most of what we here from those lying scum on camera is meant to appease their tax paying constituents. Meanwhile in session they ignore those same constituents wishes and do whatever they want.
  3. This issue is useful, if only to disabuse us of the false notion that these republican leaders actually represent us.

    They believe we have short memories and can be distracted by red meat on social issues like abortion, which they also fail to do anything about.

    Make no mistake, this is the most important issue of our lifetime. We are on the verge of losing our country. And these assholes are trying to work out ways to go along with it.
  4. Seems the politicians have given up and have sworn allegiance to the Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
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    We are running out of time to take back the country. The push for us to become Mexicanos de la Norte America is gaining strength.
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    Perhaps the best we can do is walk into Mexico, take over and say, okay, we'll take this trade.
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    When we get there, we will start taking all the jobs.
    We will create our own neighborhoods.
    We will speak only English.
    We will demand that all government documents include instructions in English.
    We will demand that the schools offer classes in English.
    We will demand free healthcare.
  8. lukie will say we don't have $3 billion.
  9. I'm thinking the GOP believes all hope is lost on the Border/legalization, etc. And if they don't look like a supporter, the Dems will get ALL the credit and an even larger majority of the Hispanic vote for many elections.

  10. With respect, that is the cover story, the one they started wailing about immediately after the election. The fact is hispanics are only slightly more than 8% of the electorate and have always voted around 70% for democrats because they vote along class and ethnic lines. They weren't going to vote for Romney if he promised to tear down the border fence and hand out free tacos.

    It's simple math. Why would it help republicans to increase the size of the group that is second only to blacks in voting against them? So unless we think they are delusional, there has to be another reason. Clearly there is. Two groups that back republicans are small business and the CEO class. They both are desperate to get more mexicans in here. The first group so they can hire people at low wages. The second to counteract the trend toward fewer big families with lots of young kids to buy stuff for.

    We are being sold out so some businessmen can buy another beach house.
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