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    Details Emerge On Secret Navy Seal Team That Killed Osama Bin Laden

    by Alex Alvarez | 10:49 am, May 2nd, 2011

    A Virginia Beach-based team of Navy SEALS is credited with finally bringing down Osama bin Laden, the man the United States (and, well, the world) has been trying to capture for years.

    “Team Six” – a moniker given to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (or DevGru, for short) – had been undergoing extensive training to ensure that their raids would unfold flawlessly, even practicing their skills in a replicated one-acre compound built on Camp Alpha. DevGru belongs to the Joint Special Operations Command and reports to the President, their missions and training always highly classified. In fact, according to the National Journal, the general public isn’t told about the specifics of team members’ deaths:

    Though the general public knows about the special SEALs and their brothers in Delta Force, most JSOC missions never leak. We only hear about JSOC when something goes bad (a British aid worker is accidentally killed) or when something really big happens (a merchant marine captain is rescued at sea), and even then, the military remains especially sensitive about their existence. Several dozen JSOC operatives have died in Pakistan over the past several years. Their names are released by the Defense Department in the usual manner, but with a cover story — generally, they were killed in training accidents in eastern Afghanistan. That’s the code.

    While the JSOC has inspired its fair share of criticism – due in no small part to the tactics they’ve used to procure information, to put it delicately – the weekend’s announcement regarding the capture of one of the world’s most wanted people proves that the group’s work in conjunction with the CIA can yield positive results. Currently, the JSOC is involved in more than 50 operations across several countries, which, all in all, cost the United States $1 billion annually.

    The team captured bin Laden in an attack lasted about 40 minutes, during which a total of 22 people were killed or captured.

    Intelligence forces were able to catch a break in their search for bin Laden last summer, and the CIA was able to develop a strategy based on intelligence from sources close to bin Laden.
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    Navy SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU): The Men Who Killed Osama bin Laden

    Navy SEAL Team Six: Who Pulled the Trigger and Killed Osama bin Laden?

    It was Navy SEAL Team Six (ST6) who stormed the mansion in Abbottabad where Osama bin Laden and his family were hiding. When the news emerged that the founder of al-Qaeda was killed, people wanted to know who actually pulled the trigger. The general consensus on Twitter was that the shooter would be getting free drinks for life.

    Navy SEAL Team Six is officially known as the Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU). Formed in 1980 in the aftermath of the Iran hostage crisis, Team Six was, even in name, an attempt at obfuscation: it was really only the third Navy SEAL team to be created.Like its counterpart, the US Army's Delta Force, everything about Team Six is secret.

    Whoever actually pulled the trigger will become a microcosm of the "war on terror": he had to kill a woman who was used as a human shield, too, according to some reports. Team Six's members have been told to keep details of the bin Laden strike to themselves, which should come as no surprise.

    There are details of the operation which we'll probably never learn, at least not through official channels. Did Navy SEAL Team Six have any intention of capturing Osama bin Laden alive? After all, killing him and burying his body at sea means no grave site for the al-Qaeda faithful to rally around.

    As for an Osama bin Laden death photo, there's no way that one won't leak. A real one, not a fake bin Laden death pic. For now, it's known that up to 25 Navy SEALs aboard two helicopters stormed bin Laden's compound. How can they keep the team's identity a secret? Well, the Pentagon says it managed to keep the mission secret from the Pakistani government, even though the entire operation took place within Pakistan.
  3. We have to give Obama credit for not dismantling our military intelligence and Guantanamo Bay. [​IMG]
  4. So while Pakistani gov't was taking US aid money, they were letting him hide right in their midst. Comforting....
  5. ====================
    That was strange trend ;President Barack[as Senator Barack]seemed to vote against most all war wisdom of President Bush.

    Actually he'' changed his own trend''. Predator drone''greatest hits'' increased in Pakastan.And CBN news noted President Barack called President Bush with the news before it was made public.

    And the trends gets even stranger, the deadly ''head wound , on the uncircumsized philistine pattern again'' Never figured the red sea color would be caused by sharks and the red blood of an uncircumsized terrorist. I thought maybe God would drown him & his hellish hosts, in the Red sea , like he did the king of Egypt .

    Strange but true.
  6. Those are some bad mofo's.First the pirates now bin laden.Obama and the country owes them big time
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    Is this another Pat Tillman story? Maybe another flight 93?
  8. I've been wondering what would have happened if Pakistani police or military had arrived during the raid .I read they were there for 40 minutes with a loud firefight.I guessing Obama called Pakistani officials after the operation was underway but miscommunications could have easily turned into a stand off between Seals and local police or military.
  9. All Navy Seal operations are secret. Any US Seals deaths are not acknowledged as happening during an operation. They classify it as an accidental death.

    Because of that fact we don't know how many missions Obama has approved. How many US deaths or civilian deaths? How many failed missions?

    Was this success one out of one like Obaam wants the public to believe or was it one out of twenty with 19 failures.
  10. I cant judge failures that may or may not have happened .If the Seals had went in there and killed an innocent family and children and Bin Laden was no where to be found my guess is it would have made headlines and Obama would have been destroyed by such an event

    Bin Laden has been killed and every pirate that has hi jacked a US boat has been killed or captured.Those are the reported facts and Obama and the Seals deserve great praise for it imo
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