SEAL Team 6

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  1. in a way it must suck to be a member of Team 6 right now. you're a national hero and yet nobody knows who you are. you'd have an endless supply of p***y and free beer everywhere you went, if people knew who you were.

    it'd make all that training well worth it. :D
  2. I wonder if some of the Team6 members are traders on ET maybe they will fill us in.
  3. oh i'm sure there are. we know that half the people on ET are multi-millionares, 6'2" / 200 lbs ripped, and former quarterbacks or special forces commandos when they're not driving around in their ferraris with their super-model wife.
  4. Do you think Seal Team 5 is jealous?
  5. only 1/2?

    We have some genius on another thread asking what school to go to , and tosses in there that he makes 200-300% just fooling around with trading.

    He'll be back when he gets serious telling us about how he _________
  6. Dammit! How'd you guys find out about me??? :p
  7. Crispy


    I wouldnt worry about them being taken care of. All the boys in Little Creek will make sure they drink free for eternity...

    I had the extreme pleasure of training with SEAL 2 while deployed on the USS Nashville in the early 90`s. Solid fucking dudes and studs from hell!

  8. What, you don't believe me?