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    Options Flow Recap May 11th

    Trade of the Day: EnCana October $34/$27 bull risk reversal 10,000x

    Weekly Options Watch Chartbook

    Weekly Options Watch May 11

    Trade 1: Buy calls on JOYG; Expecting a significantly better quarter.
    We’d buy attractive calls to express a bullish view ahead of the quarter.
    Our analyst is significantly above the Street; sees strong M&A potential.

    Trade 2: Buy Apple June Vol for June 6th Dev. Conf., a catalyst more
    stock moving than earnings. Apple shares tend to be even more volatile
    around the Developer’s Conference than earnings. Our analyst sees this as
    an important positive catalyst for shares and expects the company to
    discuss their cloud offering, a critical driver of the longer term outlook for
    the company. Implied vol of 21% is near all time lows and not pricing in
    this average +/-5.4% moving event, in our view.

    Trade 3: Buy VRTX July Calls: 3 Important Catalyst, M&A potential.
    Expecting upcoming Merck Boceprevir data, better than expected cystic
    fibrosis treatment data, and TVR data on May 23 to drive substantial upside
    in shares. Following data, our analyst sees high potential for M&A.

    Trade 4: Buy UTHR Aug $75 Calls for FREEDOM data in June; Close
    Jan-12 $90 Call Sale. Our analyst has high conviction in FREEDOM data in
    June. We would use gains on the call sale to add to long August $75 calls
    ahead of this key data. Our analyst sees a strong potential for M&A.
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    Former OMB Director David Stockman talks U.S. debt crisis on Bloomberg TV

    Options Flow Recap May 18th

    Trade of the Day: Apple June $370/$375 bear call spread

    April FOMC Minutes

    sorry I haven't kept up with all our posts...but you guys have the link ;) Thank you for all of your positive replies via the blog too. We appreciate it. Any thing we can do to improve or be more helpful let us know.