Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NewTrader, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Anyone know why SDS suddenly drop to 75.6 in premarket this Morning?
  2. gnome


    Due ETFs have distributions like closed-end funds? If so, that could explain.
  3. rickf


  4. rickf


    No worries, I did a double-take as well when i logged in - but then remembered. :)
  5. jmoo


    yea me too I've been waiting for a shoe to drop in these, or at least a shoe to get thrown at them. It seems like they ducked for the time being
  6. kurga


    What happens to options on these? Are they adjust them somehow? and why are they not trading?
  7. rickf


    Frankly I think they're great for the little guy to hedge themselves ... SDS has been quite handy for me and I appreciate being able to responsibly use the leverage as a hedge in my equity portfolio.

    I daresay what kills them is that, as with all handy things, the "big guys" come in and it becomes another tool in "their" arsenal to move markets, and its value as a hedge for the little person goes down.