Scumbag specialist about to do time

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    i think the punsihment is harsh...10-30 years...i mean you dont get that for murder these days....granted it will be in a club fed.

    I think he should be banned from the business...and ordered to return his earnings...and the company punished for not cathing it sooner.

    maybe a COUPLE of years in jail....but more than that and you are wasting more taxpayer dollars.
  2. Fair and orderly market, fair and orderly market, fair and orderly market, repeat after me blah, blah, blah. I hope these guys come to understand the meaning of the word JUSTICE when they are f'd in the ass on a daily basis.
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    26,300 mistakes? Thank God he's not a doctor...

    What exactly did he do though, I dont get it.
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    ypu registered in 2004 and didn't post till 2006.
    you must be a mole. :)
    but for what organization?
  5. The guy stole 9 million. He should get 30 years. They give bank robbers 20 years sometimes for a few thousand. I know he didn't use a gun, but stealing someones savings from years of hard work is the same IMO. It's the only way crap like this will stop. If you gave me 9 million, I'd happily do 2 years in club fed, but not 20.
  6. Therein lies the problem with the specialist system, they know something before everyone else knows it and can therefore front run you all day long if they choose to.
  7. This guy hasn't been sentenced yet, I doubt he'll do 30 years. The judge is already questioning the fact that the jury came back so fast with the verdict.
  8. The problem is will those who got scammed ever see a penny back? :D
  9. I wonder what stocks he controlled.
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