Scum Trump gonna file bk for the THIRD TIME

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  1. What other asshole gets to rob their creditors three times and still get any respect?

    The wig wearer also trying to renege on a 40 million guarantee he gave on the basis of some weasel words his thief lawyers (maybe is was him) put in the contract.

    Said, if anything bad happens that I can't control personally, then I don't own you jack shit.

    This turd should be locked up, same as Madoff
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    I think that Trump and Don King went to the same school of self promotion. He was just on Larry King the other night and he said that he was in the strongest position he's ever been in. LOL. Of course he very well could be, since this is a corporate action type thing and he will probably screw a bunch of people over and walk away scott free.
  3. sit and spin, donald
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    This guy may be the biggest self-promoting, empty suit that walks the planet.
  5. Tut Tut..

    Trump didn't write the rules.

    Bankrptcy is sanctioned by the US Congress.
  6. what makes this guy such a douche bag, is that all he does is make flambouant one way bets on real estate - then goes bust

    anyone with no concern for the debt they take can do that
  7. Then that should actually go on the people who have been dumb enough to do business with him.

    Hopefully, with this third bankruptcy, people will STOP partnering with him...
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    Unlike Madoff, he's not doing anything illegal, AFIK.

    The thing that amazes me is that people repeatedly give money to those who go bust over and over again by taking too much risk. Consider the funds run by Meriwether, Merton, and Keynes. Classic "heads we win, tails you lose", whether intentional or not.
  9. Trump just knows how to game the system and people keep falling for his line of B.S. Amazing!
  10. Trump is nothing but a Madoff, just not as slick.

    His public success is testimony to how STUPID the average man/woman is.

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