Scum at CNBC adding more sound effects

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, May 13, 2008.

  1. Anyone here know the programming staff at CNBC?

    Tell them to gft for me please.
  2. yes, even before my local cable provider Shaw moved CNBC out to the digital service some
    time ago I'd stopped watching CNBC because of the sound effects
    I now watch BNN - Business News Network, the Canadian equivalent which opens with the
    Bloomberg channel from 3/6am - 5/8 am p/est

    when CNBC 're-graphiced' the broadcast, what, a year or two ago I figured they must have
    hired a kid who'd just graduated some computer tv graphics course who was related to one
    of the CNBC powers-that-be, hence the gross graphics and stupid, stupid sound effects

    BNN appeared a bit 'provincial' at first but it's a far more relaxed programming style without
    the 'rah-rahness' Americans seem to feel needs to be added to everything - rather like msg

    BNN's interviews also last a great deal longer than the 15-30 seconds CNBC favors - which
    also annoyed the hell out of me, so one listens to a conversation on BNN rather than a flash
    comment or two, and which left me with the impression that Americans, or so think CNBC
    have the attention span of gnats, an additional explanation for the stupid sound effects
  3. I agree!

    We in Australia have long understood that Americans are incredibly stupid, boorish and retarded.

    Only have to look at Iraq, President George Bush, Subprime crisis, 'Helicopter Ben', your 3rd World healthcare system, majority support for gun violence etc etc etc to see this.

    No wonder so many try to settle down in Australia!

    "Fuck off" I say!
  4. It only seems that way because that baron and desolate rock that you live on has very little humanly habitable space. Yes I've driven from NSW to Perth. You live on a rock.

  5. r-in


    ROFL, it takes all kinds I guess. I was going to type a response, but it just isn't worth it. I'm glad you found your villian. LOL
  6. a friend of mine sailed his trimaran to Australia from Canada
    when he arrived he was asked where he was from — " civilization "