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  1. This is a journal for learning.

    Learning occurs when long term memory (LTM) acquires knowledge and skills. A process is occuring whereby work is done to learn.

    As a child goes through the educational processes usually learning is done by rote.

    Two things areat play: how learning occurs and how the brain is working.

    In a nutshell any learning suject area is learned by doing repetition of topics.

    The scope od SCT is simpler that reading and simpler than learning Arithmetic

    For simplicity, I will divied the learn topics into groups; the gruops are:

    Group I RDBMS

    Group II the dependent variable.

    Group III the independent variable

    Group IV MADA

    Group V trading to ake money

    I feel that fifth graders on up can do the work. It is on the level of Sister Montessori's work to learn Arithmetic.

    I will jump around a little to be sure the Building of the Mind is being fast tracked.

    Participation here is the member's decision. Consider your ability to work
    You may not have this ability.

    Next conside the commitment to learning a system all based upon the system of market operation. If you cannot work systemically, you will be in the largest class of potential traders (failing traders)

    To juge if this is worthwhile compare it to your present performanc, effectiveness, efficiency and knowledge and skills.

    The best place to begin is when you have zero trading experience.

    If you have a lot of expereince and the ensuing belief system, you may not be able to learn this systems simply because your mind is filled with contrary things that cannot be bypassed. In otherwords you may have made decisions in the past where their consequences preclude learnin SCT from scratch .
  2. This is my first journal so bear with me

    Please print all pages and number them

    Punch into a three ring binder

    Somehow everything will work out

    I will make an topical index as we go along
  3. I use a system of market operation and thetwo most impotant market variables
    Price is the dependent variable and volume is the independent variable

    What tthis means in the Algebra I use is that volume determines price.

    If a trader doe not use this relationship, he/she is disadvantaged.

    If beliefs interfear with this common mathematical understanding, then learning cannot occur.

    We are now ready to do Group I RDBMS.
  4. Relative DataBase SystemsManagement is a fine way to "know that you know" what the market is doing bar by bar of the variables.

    Market granularity dictates that a type of Algebra be used for market monitoring and analysis.

    So drill 1 is set up to do the work to establish how granularity establishes theworking system

    For programers, use SQL or Haskell as an example.

    here is drill 1

    You will be using paint or sheets of paper.

    1. Draw a price bar four tick in volatilty. we will call this bar.1. .1 means prior bar. .2 would be two bars ago

    this means a forming bar is always bar.0.

    2. Now draw all the variations on step 1. and do it in an organized manner

    3. in some manner determine how many unilateral parts a bar may be broken into.

    4. which of these parts always determine the sntiment??

    go fo it folks.

    this is about 10% of knowldege for trading.
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    Here is an image I made that can be used by participants to print or open in paint for learning about price bars.

    [2-22] Price Bar Drill.png
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  6. Hi
  7. Hi edwina

    please red everything and do the two drills

    as you see this thread has some members who are informed.

    drill 1 lets you learn about a 5min bar

    drill two is to learn that a bar has some unilateral parts

    have fun and ask questions
  8. What market(s) is this method best suited for the 1 lot trader? You trade ES right? , I assume for liquidity. Is there a better market to trade for the beginner that has more range per day and more points offered per day? cl,tf,gc,?

    I have seen you state that you have 20-40 rts a day in ES before and that is just paying spread and comish to the man is it not?

    I trade technical patterns like rectangles, triangles, head and shoulders, DB, DT, . Except I tend to stick to larger timeframes. Why do you seem to encourage the 5 min intraday on ES is my question? If your going to do the in all the time method, wouldn't you encourage CL, TF, GC intraday?
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    Just a little somehin' somethin'

    eta; (there are more ways to trade than I care to count)


    4 segment candles Feb 23, 2014.PNG
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    I am new to these forums and haven't traded before. My husband taught me a bit about price cases and the volume elements. That's about as far as my trading knowledge goes. I am going to follow your journal and complete the exercises. Thank you for starting this.

    There are 9 variations 2 bars can make together, which is attached. The classification of bar.0 is determined by it's relationship to bar.1.

    Price Cases.png
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