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  1. As promised to Jack yesterday, here is a credible emu-lation of SCT on a one-minute chart. The caveat is that it is applied to ES without tuning from an NQ system. The objective is to achieve a system so confident that Jack's ideal of "always in, no stops, never a loss" is achievable by persons of low to no character who greedily refuse to share their winnings with other less fortunates in financial need. Interpret the chart as follows. The signal may be taken as the bar evolves, but no later than the end of the bar. Pukey greenish colors indicate long. Apoplectic reddish colors indicate short. An improvement over SCT is that the hue indicates confidence in the call. Green and maroon are weak calls. Hot pink and aquamarine are stronger calls. Limeaid and red are the strongest calls. Sequential greenish or radish bars indicate points where you can scale in if you were a pussy at the first call. Unlike the real SCT, this requires zero interpretation, no nut scratching, and no agonizing over volume. Throw away or eat your crayons. No new terms to use. Simply "red light short" and "green light long." No snoozing as in a five minute chart, the speed of this will keep you awake. I personally think of SCT as a random entry system. Did we code this up with six independent random number generators? We are not telling!
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    I do believe you've captured the spirit of SCT there. Right jolly fun, that, no?
  3. Yes, it brought tears to our collective eyes when we finally got this working. Being thoroughly detestable and reprehensible persons, we had despaired for years of ever be able to trade the SCT style. Spurned by the inner circle for our manifest faults, never invited to the PalTalks or the email list, mercilessly vilified here on ET for our outrageous temerity in seeking to trade SCT without the requisite verifiable Boy Scout character, at last we have found our own way.

    Technically, this implementation solves numbrous problems with the canonical formulation of SCT. Notable among them is that it is no longer necessary to seek to divine what is going on inside that opaquely impenetrable five-minute bar body. Set your T&S filter to 50 minimum contracts tomorrow to see it at work. Not only will you see us on the tape, we will BE the tape.
  4. This is so DUMB. Who is this Hershey man? I don't care if I get unpopular for already deciding he's a loser, I already have one star rating on my one thread.

    Trading attracts idiots like wool attracts moths.
  5. You have earned a free diner for two (like sex) at Chik-fil-A. Just go to anyone and say Jack Hershey sent us.

    fleming is going to be me from now on and I am going to be not funny from now on.

    BTW the offer was on a noob thread you took over. See next post.
  6. Flem,

    Your chart looks so cool. Go for it.

    and help that noob out.
  7. What? Are you abandoning a potential akkellite? I regret that I do not know the thread of which you speak, as the left behind brain does not know what the right brain is doing. If he is an asshole, I might help.

    BTW, e have named the tape reading program: Tapeworm. Example tomorrow. It's pretty much a one-shot deal at or near the open. It's profit is denominated not in dollars but in bottles of cheap champagne.
  8. I understand.

    I have some slots open re NFA limits.

    Tapeworm sounds cool.

    We finally have our wine delivery system down. there are frieght handlers out of Napa that do not let wine get over 80 degrees.
  9. Yes, it it your ET civic duty to save assholes from themselves and make them proud upstanding eleemosynary citizens.

    Understand about the wine. By the time Napa champagnes get to Tejas Norte it is a crap shoot what they will be like. So far we are having the best luck with Mumm Napa Brut Prestige. Second best is the Piper Sonoma Brut.

    Shitty volatility and volume today in NQ, so no good example of Tapeworm. I could tell by the end of the second minute that it was time to go shooting. Why I have never bought a red dot sight before eludes me. Put on top of a 3-10X50mm it is bitchin'. My shooting hobby is beginning to cost more than drinking. At least now I am too old for women.

    The SCTWithoutSCT system traded 20 times with not so hot results midday. Maybe another time.
  10. Episode 3

    Knock on the door.

    Jack: "Who is it?"

    Person behind the door:" It is me! Liz!"

    Jack, opening the door: " Glad you came, Liz! We have hell of a work to do".

    Liz: " I have been waiting for it for years!!! Would you like to do it from behind?"

    Jack:" What are you? A detractor? Do you know what bar I went long a couple of years ago?"

    Liz: " Jack... It is not long. It is not even hard enough."

    Jack:" My RDSM tells a different story. Hypo told everyone on ET I know something important about trading and bullshitting..."

    Liz: " What did he tell you know about trading?"

    Jack:" What trading? Who the fuck is trading?! LOL. Your mind is fucked up. What is your name failed trader? Where the fuck is my refrigerator with six transmissions?! Are you out of my mind?"

    Liz in panic: " Doctor, we need some help here!!!"

    Doctor braking in into the room with a sedative : " It will be allright, Jackysupertrader... It will be allright...

    Jack falls asleep.

    Liz, closing the door on her way out: " I hoped just for this one time. Just one... 10 accounts and nothing. I will go to Spyder..."

    Jack, sleepy: " Spyder is the man... He is the man... Differencies.. Yeah...All over the world with Spyder and some Liz. Yeah... I'm the greatest... Or the Speeder..? Or the Looz..? Damn detractors...Fucking up their minds... Mine is still intact... Yeah..."
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