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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fubar, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. fubar


    After reading Mr Hershey's claims of 3 times the daily range without ever having a losing trade and Spydertrader's hysterical posts akin to religious revelation, I was just wondering why nobody from those journals has ever posted in the P/L thread?

    And why do mods feel the need to protect the journal threads from questions like this when they let far worse occur in other threads? Are they too mesmerized by the promise of the grail and feel the need to protect it from the harsh reality of it's lack of success?

    I should add this thread was prompted by Mr Hershey PM'ing me to (as he put it) recruit me to "the team" and when I started asking hard questions I was suddenly beset by PM's from Spydertrader, (that odious little Renfield like troll) and even one moderator who took umbrage to the simple question stated above
  2. Could it be possible that they dont care whether you believe them or not.
  3. Jander


    impossible BB.... if you make money trading, you must have the burning desire to impress strangers on the internet
  4. fubar


    Not really when they go to extraordinary lengths to convince people in other ways.. they just don't seem to be able to prove it in the only way that matters
  5. fubar


    Ahhh but they do, their numerous claims, threads and posts attest to that

    But they seem incapable of proving it by showing any profitability
  6. jem


  7. Well I know for a fact that a number of people have watched Spydertrader trade live and he has offered to let a few of the detractors look over his shoulder too, but they declined. Why dont you ask him.
  8. fubar


    I asked him to do something simpler than that and he declined.. as has every single member of those threads

    And why do you distance yourself from them by using words like "they"?
    You are one of them and naturally biased in their favor, and also incapable of showing a profit

    I don't really want to get in a slanging match with you or any of the other members Bearbelly. But there is an easy way to shut me up and win this debate, and don't make out you cant be bothered because you've already expended enough energy defending SCT
  9. Jander


    he is referring to the detractors, which he is not one of. Seriously, is something wrong with you?
  10. fubar


    No, go back to his first post, he used the word "they" to describe the members of SCT

    He obviously wanted to come across as unbiased, as I'm sure you do.. but it's easy to verify otherwise :p

    By the way Jander, you could also shut me up very easily rather than continue a pointless debate.. very easily indeed
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