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    What is the main difference between these two types of trading methods? Anybody here who have maybe studied both of them and have any meaningfull thoughts about this?

    From schratching the surface of both of them I am getting the feeling of Jack Hersey's method beeing a bit more mechanical than AHG, but both of them are based on PA?

    Please tell me if I am compleatly wrong here!!

    However, I did not start this thread as a discussion of whom is the best trading method, even though it may seem like it from the title here! I only want to discuss the differences in their trading principles. The "which is best" discussion, we can start in a different thread.

    Hoping for some good insight on this subject!

  2. I find it much easier to understand AHG...
  3. I'm certainly no expert in either, but the biggest difference to me is that AHG is a subset of SCT. In fact, most methods/patterns/set ups I see are contained somewhere in SCT. I would venture a guess that AHG is easier to learn just because of that fact.

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    what do you mean by SCT?

    Thanks for your input!
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    wow.. Yeah that sounds a bit heavy I think!
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    which version?

    the one that Anek doesn't use anymore?
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    Anek doesn't use the AHG method anymore??
  8. As I understand it SCT at an expert level is always in the market, but not many people get to that level. There are plenty of introduction stages, and the beginner one is very similar to my understanding of AHG. It all comes down to the same thing - identifying the trend and entering on a pullback when the trend resumes. How you accomplish that is up to you, but the goal of SCT is to work from that basic level up.

  9. I spent hundreds if not over a thousand hours trying to learn SCT and practicing. I'm just not able to do it. I'm not claiming it doesn't work or that others can't do it, but I can't. I probably didn't practice enough.

    However, what I learned from SCT has been invaluable to me in my trading, particularly drawing channels. I still practice SCT when I'm trading but I rarely trade on it alone and when I do I often lose. Part of this is my own stubbornness to refuse to take a small loss.

    I've heard of AHG but never looked into it. I didn't know it was similar to SCT and could even be called a subset. I'm going to look into it and see if maybe a different way of presenting it will make things click for me.

    I think Jack is brilliant, just difficult to understand. Spyder is also brilliant as well and easier to understand. So I guess it's me and not SCT.
  10. Yea, I guess you aren't allowed to evolve and grow your system, shedding old beliefs and ideas. Oops!

    You honestly can't say Anek doesn't trade his own method...
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