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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by masterofall, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. masterofall

    masterofall Guest

    Stop wasting your time and money, Jack is not a scammer in the traditional sense because there is no money on the line.. but he does do it for ego and doesn't care if you lose money or not as long as it is sufficiently stroked
  2. The glassy eyed devotees are starting to get restless..

    They have just worked out their holy grail is a joke.. and nobody likes it when the joke is on them
  3. A+ for effort, you definitelt put in a good deal of time trying to protect the secret that Jack and Spyder share freely.

  4. You look good enough to snort
  5. Whats your point asshole.

    You're taking up valuable space here.

    If you have a point make it

    or get your ass off the air.

    Are we clear midget dick?

  6. Same goes for you, you fucking alias.

    Make some valid point or go fuck yourself.

    If you need instructions let me know

    You fucking rocket scientists make me fucking laugh

    So, what is it? You have to have posted this a while ago,

    you went to a bar, said the wrong thing to the wrong guy and got your ass kicked..Hey no problem it probably happens to you all the time you walking dildo..Instead of posting this shit
    why not call a good psychologist and work on your gender identification problems you prick..

    I can give you instructions about that as well princess.

    Oh and while I am at it, shut the fuck up...

    Are we clear.

    Lovely talking to you,

  7. Hmmm Steve looks like another angry SCT member

    hey don't shoot the messenger :p
  8. Talk about angry. On a weekend. As mentioned you probably got your ass kicked for propositioning the wrong girl, or alternatively you found one who wasn't a girl and she kicked your ass. Thats have some issues. and here you are, you confused little twit.

    I'm angry...not me...your my entertainment when a commercial comes on the make it quick you poor confused homo..

    Lets have your best shot, you pathetic little queen.
  9. 8 posts....Gee who could it be...probably some priceless little pussy who never could make it work...talking about trading here sweetie.....I don't want to know about your personal deficiencies.

    So lets see, you are working in a fast food place or in a shitty little office suppy job, taking direction from a pimply faced high school kid who supervises your crappy little job. You still live with your mother..and what a disappointment you are to her.....:confused:

    Why don't you have the balls to come out and use your primary handle...what kind of chickenshit jerkoff does this? I will go easy on you I promise..Post with your handle. lets talk....
  10. More double posts Steve.. obsessive compulsive behavior :p
    #10     Jun 10, 2007
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