SCT Futures Index trading Method.

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  1. Today's results:

    1. For beginner Rockets (See slow stochastic (14, 1, 3) trades 1 and 2.

    2. For intermediate Ice Bergers (See fast stochastic (5, ,2, 3) Trades A, B, C, D, E.)

    3. SCT (24 Trades, used 7 APA's at pionts marked "x").

    People using the 30 min* method. Are operating under the following rules on 5 min bars, presently. They use price, volume and MACD only.

    Trade group I better than B Band volume
    MACD reversals: MAX/Min, Convergence, X over sequence. Reverse ASAP but no later than Xover.
    MACD BO's action in direction of BO with B Band volume or better.

    No trade Groups
    1. No trading below Band minimum unless MACD is operating.
    2. No trading in C Band VDU 2,500 or less.

    Volume burst group
    PRV volume >10K @ 30 sec, 1 min or 2.5 min

    Use FR** rules:
    1. Burst is bar 3, enter immediately by bar color.
    2. Automatic reversal on bar 4 or 5 ASAP when PRV is less than 10K
    3. Exit on centering or far side of stall by bar 15.

    Todays trades: S1 bar 7; L2 bar 15; C3 bar 20; L4/BO bar 28 (FR I, S5 bar 34); FR II L6 bar43, S6 bar 44 BO S6 cont'd bar 49 ; FR III continue S6 at bar 53, L7 bar 54;FR IVa S8 bar 59, L60; FR IVb S10 bar 61, L11 bar 62 to C12 bar 81.

    * This started out as a 1 trade a day approach for DJXX prior to the advent of eminis. The drift was to do 250 trades a year and make and average of 30 points a day on the DJXX. Since it took the first trade of the day it became known as the 30 min method.
    It ws designed to acheive a minimum income for survival during that period by doing one trade a day over 30 minutes. Currently most people use it all day. It is an intermediate level trading method as described. It started out as a beginner edge trade.

    **FR is the main methodological concept related to channels. It is not written about in most books and is not traded as an edge either. In ant trend their are two types of traverses. One makes most money by leaving the trendline and moving at high money velocity to better ground. The channel line opposite the trendline side of thechannel is where the trend resumption fails (Failure to Resume (FR)). A pull back or retrace conveys the price back to the right as a centering where the bounce occurs. On average this is a move up two 15 bars count the volume burst as bar 3. Bars one and 2 are needed to establish that the volume is low and well under 10K. The 10K PRV burst is a momentum burst. The trade is taken at early PRV reading of 30 sec, 1 min or 2 1/2 min. There is no price pop after that.
  2. The hot list had a BO stock today. The requirement for BO is that volume reaches DU within 2 hours of open. This means that the FRV will be reached by EOD.

    Because price begins to move as volume reaches DU, we buy arounf the time DU is reached in the AM.

    FRGO reached 60K soon after open so it was purchased at that time price was about 15.50.
  3. I request that all my posts on equities be moved to the thread that some of them were moved to. I put in a lot of work composing them. Start with the first post I made and then add the "overview ones as well.

    Please move all my posts on indexes to this thread including attachments.

    Both of these requests are for the convenience of readers.

    Leave the comments of detractors where they are. That is a good place for them to continue their group.
  4. Will do Grob. I had hoped to get this response from you, but I didn't want to move your work from the thread you started. I will do so now. So you know, the only way to do so is for me to copy them as I have other posts.

    On it now.
  5. transferring the data into this tread has gotten a little behind. I'll catch it up in a while.

    Attached is a rata sheet you can you to make paths of the pro rata volume during the day. I'ts good for trend beginnings and slaloming the congestion by using bursts of volume and subsequent stalls. (See a post in the scalping thread that is cuerrently active.)
  6. publish a book already lol
  7. I do that quite regularly as everyone knows here. They also know the royalties and copywrites are donnated to 501 (C) (3)'s.

    I do not pay to post here, so I just do not push what I do vis a vis making money professionally.

    Here I am an amateur who helps those who wish help.

    There are many many reasons why you cannot get anything straight.

    The biggest thing you continually screw up is understanding how people learn to make money.

    You do not think well. So you understand little.

    It is not possible for you to grasp how skills, knowledge and expertise are acquired to be able to become very rich in a zero sum game.

    Don Bright posted a few comments here about his "boot" camp" and the "homework" the guys are doing in "boot camp"

    Do you see a picture?? Probably not.

    These guys are getting TRAINED TO BE RICH.

    Training is a process. Training is not a book. Books do not train.

    You sat for days in my broadcasts. You were discussed by the participants. Finally, I let them throw you out.

    You did not understand there nor do you understand here that books don't get the job done.

    You are fighting the world to get attention. AGM's are your thing. Attention getting mechanisms.

    You trade bar break outs in congestion where what drives the markets is noise.

    I write books to set standards for social and environmental quality and to enable people to measure their well being. These are standards used in courts and by regulators and enforcers to stop peope from messing up the place. Othe books are technical sets of directions for producing energy or for producing food that is to the highest health standards and which in the manner of stewardship improves the soil. Shamans recognize me for what I do culturally in their cultures.

    You are simple a misfit and a twerp striving for scraps of attention. Get a GED or something; you can do that while you are alone without bothering others. Learn to play a small bongo while your parents are at work.
  8. simstim


    LOL cool grob. i think that was the funniest post i've ever read :) :)
  9. I have to admit that I am trying to convince traderkay to get the idea that NLP pictures are what are needed to make lots of money.

    This is my picture attack mode as you have well seen. LOL.

    I saw the Yamato drummers of Japan saturday night so I scaled down my experience to pipsqueak level for the occasion.

    Humor is so important. And there is always a terrific picture in the humor that strikes us all.
  10. I have come too the conclusion that what I needed for me too become successful at trading SCT has nothing too do with more knowledge. It has too do with my mental framework and psychology. I know that if sct was executed correctly, it would make a sh*t load of money. The problem? execution.

    I have finally learned that the accrued losses have been more from having a wrong mental framework than not enough knowledge. The wrong framework led too many unnecessary losses that would not have happened if i truly understood myslef. Jack understands this and uses the tripling account as a beginner too get this kind of mental framework.

    Anyway, i am not consistently positive yet but i am getting much closer as i begin too find myslef:p
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