SCSI Drives at 10k / 15k

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by waggie945, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Anyone have a favorite SCSI Drive that they like?

    Fujitsu has a screamer of an 18.4GB Ultra-160 at 15,000 rpm
    ( 68-pin ) that I can plug into my new Dell Dimension 8300.

    CDW has it for $219, and Adaptec has a Controller Card for it for about $285.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. nitro


    You cannot go wrong with this drive or an adaptec controller.

    Make sure that the case you are putting into breathes well.

  3. SCSI drives at 10,000 need a dedicated fan for cooling.
  4. FinStat



    need a new computer. looking at the dimension 8300.

    how has your experience been??

  5. Magna

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    Absolutely! And as spreadem mentioned, even the 10K drives need dedicated cooling fans. The 15K drives need them even moreso, as you could easily fry an egg on one (uncooled).
  6. Seagate Barracuda ... old but still reliable.