Scrushy....not guilty

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  1. This guy sounds like he just won a Grammy..."I would like to thank the lord Jesus daddy lord rest his lawyer..god bless him also that sneaky mutha F____....I also want to thank all those shareholders who lost everything...Without them I wouldn't be here!...God bless and good night!"
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    Yes, his conversion to a christian philanthropist was quite remarkable...and very effective.

    I suspect other embattled executives might also try this approach now.
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    He is going to be the OJ Simpson of Corporate America. I want to see who in the hell was in this jury.

    Total BS. If he did not do it. Who did?

    He told the jury that his employees did it! WTF. The dog ate my homework defense. "I am the CEO but I did not know anything was crooked with my company. Oh, and on the ass end of loosing lots of money and being complicit in the looting of MY company ----I found God. "

    He should be put in jail. The jury should be beaten and then put in jail with him.

    I bet he has a 7 figure book deal by the end of the week. He is probably going to make appearances on all the religious networks as well.
  4. I am no man of God..I admit it. Not religious at all...some may call me an atheist. But if I were his actions would make me ashamed to be a Christian. I hope they protest on his front lawn down there in the bible belt. And shame on anybody who sits and listens to his sermons as a so called "preacher"......ain't this country great!
  5. Fantastic decision. I'm happy to see government prosecutors getting their ass kicked.

    Too many people in jail anyways -- Americans love to jail people.

    Murderers, rapists, and molesters -- jail 'em.

    Release everyone else and have them do something productive in life!
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    Who said crime doesn't pay ? Obviously an idiot !!!
  7. AP reports:

    "Scrushy Keeps His Tushy."

    Ruchard Scrushy declared not guilty today.
    Jail house bitches dejected at verdict.
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    LOL I luv this post.

    I don't blame the man. I blame the jury.