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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by just21, Mar 10, 2006.

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    I tried quotecenter as I thought I was going to get realtime scrolling news but it does not scroll. What other choices do I have?
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    Is DJ news market moving? You can get DJ news for $124 a month from dtn prophetx.
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    Dow Jones Business News
    Get the news you need to stay on top of today’s active markets with Dow Jones Business News. For approximately $1.00 a day, you’ll receive:

    * Timely headlines that follow quickly after the news becomes available on the Broadtape
    * Earnings-per-share headlines, which report changes in dollars and cents instead of as a percentage
    * News headlines on medium and small companies, in addition to the larger companies, and economic and bond market headlines

    What is the delay from the broadtape to the Business news?
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    Are esignal delays affecting the DJ news or is just quotes that are delayed?
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    Quotecenter does do scrolling news! How does reuters us security news compare to the DJ broadtape?
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    In QuoteTracker, if you select WINDOW/All News menu, you will get a news screen with headlines at the top. New headlines will show up at the top of the list as they come in

    You would want to have a streaming news source though. streaming news is available from a number of brokers (Ameritrade, Scottrade, optionsXpress, CyberTrader) as well as subscription - IQFeed,, eSignal, Stockwatch