Screw these anti-war demonstrators

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    yup, to this day I do not understand why he was so upset. but it has been resolved by putting it all aside. an issue that was not as important in the long run as it seemed to be to him when it occured.

    do you think everything is PERMANENT? we had a falling out, lost a friendship and reestablished it. What is so difficult to understand about this? i apologized, he accepted. we got drunk together and haven't mentioned it since.

    Sorry to disappoint you max. If you had friends, maybe you could relate:)

    However, you should appreciate the fact that I gave you another opportunity to tell me that I have no "honor". So if nothing else, I have accomplished giving YOU something to make your day brighter.

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  2. "If you had friends..." Please, this type of "omniscient" comment is sorely overused. Why don't you respond to my specific commentary? Your latest post would have us believe that you two went out and got drunk together, kissed and made up and then you became sober enough to report this reconciliation on ET- all in four hours.
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  3. I believe my point is that it is hard to find an intelligent conservative Republican who is funny.

    I believe there is equal intelligence and stupidity on both sides, it is just that the liberal democrats tend to be more self effacing and have an appreciation of the absurdities of life and are willing to admit that.

    Republicans appear to me that they need some "enema" based relief from their stodgy ways and the ability to see how funny they are.

    There are two ways to cope with the uncertainties of life. One is through fear and trying to control life, the other is with a sense and acceptance of powerlessness about certain things and an active lively sense of humor.

    It would be an interesting study to find out who lives longer, as studies have shown that those who have a well developed sense of humor tend to recover more quickly from diseases.

    Of course we would have to run the study with Republicans and Democrats who are of the same socio economic class (so it would be a small sample of the entire population of Democrats and Republicans), so we could be sure both were getting equivalent medical treatment.

    My guess is that the Democrats live longer on the whole all things being equal.
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  4. Probably because they lie about their age. Like Clinton's "I didn't have sex with that woman," fibbing about one's age is probably another of the Crat's non-lies.
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  5. Yes, Republicans never lie....

    "I am not a crook."

    Richard M. Nixon

    "Read my lips, no new taxes."

    George Bush Sr.

    "Wrong doing on my part involving the Contras? No freaking way"

    Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan's repsonse to accusation of involvement in the Iran/Contra scandal.

    "I am pardoning Richard Nixon for the good of the country."

    Gerald Ford

    If they are a politician, and their lips are moving, they are usually lying. Democrats have no monopoly on fibbing.
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    I agree. I used the word "anger". Perhaps your wording expressed my feeling better. "Stodgy" is a good one. Lack of humor seems pretty universal among most (certainly not all) conservatives.

    I also clearly said that I think there are many intelligent conservatives. Even mentioned Daniel_M as one of them. Brains and politics have little correlation. Traderfut is a bright guy. WRONG, but bright:) Certainly Dick Cheney is a bright guy, but I couldn't disagree with his politics any more than I do Traderfut's.

    Nelson Rockerfeller and John Lindsay and Henry Kissinger come to mind as extremely intelligent conservatives. Linsay was so bright he switched parties:).

    Nixon was the only really funny one though. I mean who could put on an act like his without being a comic genius?

    The "self effacing" comment, seems the most fair and most accurate. Liberals, by definition, just are more accepting of change. And the willingness to accept change is the willingness to accept that we could be wrong ourselves. Thus we cannot take ourselves completely seriously. We KNOW we have our faults. If we were perfect, why change? If we believed we were perfect, we would be .......Conservatives:confused:

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  7. At least none of the above resulted in what they did to your poor example of Democrat leadership, Clinton. A judge held Clinton in civil contempt for giving intentionally false testimony about material facts in the Paula Jones case. Your party's leader lied under oath.
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  8. So it's ok to break a promise?
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    Nope, it is not. But we all are guilty of it on occasion. Maybe not ALL, but most of us who are not PERFECT.

    It is ok to forgive and forget. Somewhere I heard something about "to err is human, to forgive is divine" (or something to that effect).

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  10. So in your mind, Clinton was worse than Nixon? Those who hate Nixon, will always hate Nixon, those who hate Clinton will always hate Clinton.

    Ok. So what? How could I even begin to change your mind?

    Do you deny that both parties have had flawed representatives?

    Or is it a case of my shit doesn't stink as bad as yours?

    Both Clinton and Nixon were flawed presidents. Both did some good, some bad. One was pardoned after resignation, one stayed in office and beat the impeachment process. Both suffered public humiliation.

    One had a vice president who was convicted of income tax fraud and was forced to resign, the other had a vice president who won the popular vote but lost the election.

    That people want to believe that the Clinton administration was the worst in history, when the Nixon administration had the resignation of both the President and the Vice President, as well as the imprisonment and censure of many members of that administration, what can I say?

    I think your shit smells worse than mine. So what? It is normal to be able to smell our own farts, perhaps even enjoy them, yet be repulsed by the farts of others.

    In the end, they are all just politicians, a low form of the human condition, and the all stink.

    I am differentiating from politicians and public servants. Politicians serve themselves and their personal agendas, public servants serve the good of society.
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