Screw these anti-war demonstrators

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  1. Did you people who are demonstrating against war with Iraq drive to the rally in a car? Does that car use gasoline? Do you use any petroleum products, including natural gas, gasoline, plastics, certain potato chips, etc? Then you're a whore to oil just like the rest of us -- so don't act like you don't need the oil. Stop using oil as an excuse -- because it fails both ways.

    a) If we are going to war with Iraq just because of oil, then how can you carry a sign that probably has petroleum products within the plastic to demonstrate against "blood for oil?"

    b) If, like many people, you feel Iraq is contributing to terrorism, then will you need a big gapping hole in YOUR community and a few thousand dead people before you think, "hmm, maybe we really should start blowing up other countries -- I mean we are powerful enough to do it."

    Yeah, it is sad that a lot of our young guys have to go over there to die so that some rich old guy can continue to drive his SUV with a buck fifty gas price per gallon, but if you are a citizen of this country you realize that you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

    Let's just let the rest of the world be and it will all go away, right? Wrong! We'll just get hit again -- some lunatic asshole will find some reason to blow up another one of our buildings. The best deterrent to future aggression is to stick a good missile up a few people's asses so that they think twice before messing with the United States of America.

    Hey, you bought the SUVs, you accept that oil is the lifeblood of our society -- so don't play stupid you ultra-liberal greenpeace hippies. You're just like the rest of us, except a tad more hypocritical.
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    Yup, you are right.
    Make sure your oil has the "drilled in the Americas" logo.:) :)
  3. the thing is, it's NOT "just about oil"... that's just the latest fashion in liberal anti-war bullshit...

    i mean, have libs EVER supported ANY war?
    (apart from going to great pains to justify common garden variety islamic aggression -- most recently manifested in 9/11, LAX, Sniper killings, Russian hostage crisis, fortnightly palestinian suicide bombings..)
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    ...perhaps a better question might be: Have blowhard conservatives, such as yourself, ever thought about actually fighting in any of the wars they declare so necessary for other people to go fight for them?
  5. abso-freakin-lutely!

    as a matter of fact, not choosing to pursue a military career earlier in my life is one of biggest regrets.

    however, i have recently applied to enter the australian army reserve as an officer. i should know in a couple of months if i was successful.
  6. Screw the anti-war demonstrators?

    How long has it been since you got laid that you would consider screwing a liberal?

    Didn't you believe you were "intelligent" enough to trade, then found out you weren't, so what makes you think you are "intelligent" enough to speak on world politics?

    I am thankful that these people are just protesting in a non-violent manner, and we live in a country that endows them with the right to do so.

    Open up your mind just a bit, some fresh air might just come in.
  7. Spare me your contorted ultra-liberal psycho-babble horseshit that you post from the basement of your mom's one bedroom house and go play with your fucking photoshop pictures.
  8. Riled up are we?

    You might try to get laid and relieve some of that pressure.
  9. They taught us in psychology class that people who constantly talk about sex are probably not getting any. Perhaps that big stick in your ass might be preventing access for guys who might otherwise like to take a stab at your ultra-liberal ass?

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