screw the futures, S&P will finish LOWER friday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bob Rowshan, Nov 29, 2007.

Will the S&P finish friday down?

  1. Yes, the S&P will be down on friday

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  2. No, the S&P will be up friday

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  1. Guaranteed the S&P will finish friday lower.
  2. rc5781


    100%???? lol....
  3. Robby


    Now just to clarify... is this a 100% guarantee?
  4. timbo


    hmm. oversold + fed hints. Good luck.
  5. Lower than what? Today's close, last week's close, this Friday's open??

    Give some specifics or the prediction is as useless as a prediction.
  6. Do I really need to clarify??

    The S&P closed thursday @ 1469.72

    I say it will finish friday lower than 1469.72

    If it closes at 1469.73, i'm wrong

    Right now the S&P futures are +9, so the odds are against me, as I like.
  7. I 100% guarantee the Celtics will beat the Knicks tonight.
  8. Have to agree. It would be too easy for the market to close up tomorrow, and the market is not an eleemosynary pursuit, to quote the late, lamented Ed Hart.
  9. hajimow


    I am also sure 100% it will be down and 0% is left for being up but the probability of that 0% is the same as 100% :D
  10. Robby


    So, this is a 100% guarantee then?
    #10     Nov 29, 2007