screenshots of Access and ICE

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    Can any from you send screenshot of Access depth of the market for NG,HU,CL and ICE LBC .

    Author have Refcopcg Xpress Depth of the market .
    This reflected 5 best bid/ask for EN,ERT,EMD,ES but
    only one best bid/ask for NG,CL,HU

    Author would very pleased for you.
  2. hello ... being the majority of us traders on this board are native english speakers we would be pleased if you could have someone help you
    to type your messages to us in an easier to understand "english" language ...

    by the way ... what country are you in and what is your native language spoken?

    ps ... there are probably firms in USA doing what you want to do ... but perhaps there is still room for another "trader" doing arbitrage ...

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    Dear Sir

    Author asked only about screenshot...

    Best wish
  4. I have seen "ACCESS" market depth

    for GC and SI ... it is more than enough levels
    deep to get executed in size.

    I assume you can also get executed in size

    in CL too

    by the way ... can you get market depth for

    brent crude oil ? it is not arbitrage though ...

    as the spreads move sometimes
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    Dear Sir

    Your answer is not relevant.