Screening trends and sidewayactions

Discussion in 'Programming' started by sami_analyst, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Hello folks,

    some days ago i started to write a script that iterates through the high and low values of some stocks and gives me the slope by linear regression. the interval i take is dynamic. I am telling my script to give me the slopes of each day with an interval back to from ( -3 day until -10 days ) so it lists me the slopes from this 3 - 10 days back for each day. ( I hope this doesnt sound confusing ). im getting the slopes and am happy about it. But now here comes the problem. like some of you know you cant say something about the trend ( spike,sideway or whatever ) by taking fixed values of the slopes for each stock. the slope i would consider as sideway action in one stock is a rally on anoher.... so how do you guys differentiate a trend or a sidewayaction depending on the ( volatility ) of the stock.

    i would be pleased by getting some good directions to solve this problem.