Screening to Win: Technical Indicators

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  1. The Screening to Win series which covers using Technical Indicators to screen for stocks has been published over the past months. The information primarily targets fundamental investors who desire to utilize technical criteria in their daily stock screening. However the series provide some solid points that can be useful for intraday traders. An index of the series is provided below:
    Screening to Win: Moving Averages

    Screening to Win: RSI (Relative Strength Index)

    Screening to Win: Fast and Slow Stochastic

    Screening to Win: MACD (Moving Average Convergence / Divergence)

    Screening to Win: MFI (Money Flow Index)

    Screening to Win: Williams %R

    Screening to Win: Bollinger Bands

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  2. maxpi


    Account churning to win likely... I have a pal that gets calls from his broker like this "your metals futures have a stochastic, we need to move you to something"... "HAVE A STOCHASTIC?" WTH is that? The guy on the phone can't even sound like he knows how to read a chart...
  3. From my perspective, any investor should use all the tools at their disposal to put the market edge in their corner. This includes having an understanding of both fundamental information and technical indicators. Fundamentals drive the long term prospects of a company; while technical indicators reflect short term momentum in the market (fear & greed). Traditional long-term investors can use technical indicators to help time their transactions to add additional alpha to their portfolio.

    A merged approach to screening for stocks allows investors to get the equities they want at the prices they want. The intent is not to churn accounts, but allow an investor to make smart selections with all the tools at their disposal.

    - Greg