screening through technical analysis?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by bloosteak, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. I've looked at cybertrader, IB, esignal, iqcharts and it seems like only iqchart does it? I like technical analysis filters such as "moved above boilinger band" -> here[t.t_eq_s]![t.e_eq_x]![as0,20,tv_gt_40000]![tc1_le_ab1]![tc0_gt_ab0]

    Are there any good screens for technical analysis? Hopefully live and able to screen for more than one condition.

  2. i'm thinking of IB + IQchart. any other better suggestions?
  3. elit


    If you can write code in the various software's programming language you can screen for anything you want.

    Check out Amibroker.
  4. will do what you wish.
  5. taowave


    For your money,you will not find a better screening tool that Amibroker....
  6. I looked at amibroker, it seems to be good for technical analysis for individual exchanges, stocks, indexes, etc but it can't filter for technical analysis. Unless I missed something while looking at it.
    Stockfetcher seems to do it, and the terms are customizable, thanks!
  7. taowave


    You definetly missed something!!!!

    Did you use the Explore/Scan feature??
  8. is good for this. They have end-of-day scans where the last bar is always 15 minutes old.. and they (Genesis) are working on setting up 5 and 15 minute bar servers.

  9. elit


    You missed it. Amibroker is really powerful, and is affordable. Lots and lots of technical indicators in their library. You don't need to know how to program anything, just copy/paste the code. Or if you want to program it is really sufficient in that too! And the support is really awesome. Very active user group @ yahoo.
    The developer is a good guy too.