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    Hello everyone,

    I've been trading part time for a few years now and I've recently realized some setups and strategies that have proved quite profitable in the past several months. My problem is this: I spend hours every evening looking for stocks that meet the setup criteria. I've been reading the critiques of Metastock, Omnitrader, etc and am still not sure these packages offer the screening capabilities I need to automate my stock selection. I'm going to list many of the criteria I use and would appreciate any reply regarding whether these packages, or any others, provide these features. The screenings parameters I'm looking for are:

    - Stocks approaching resistance/support and % from S/R
    - Volume and delta volume
    - Candlestick patterns (Spike high/low, Bullish/bearish engulfing, hammer, etc.)
    - Short interest
    - Stochastic crossover
    - OBV, RSI, MACD, etc. (I expect these are standard to any package)
    - P/E
    - EPS ttm and mrq
    - Point and Figure analysis

    I'd also note that my strategies employ some qualitative variables that I use to select the best setups. If anyone knows of any package(s) that would save me time, I'd greatly appreciate a response. Also, I'm glad to find this site that seems to offer aloft of good advice from knowledgeable traders. It's a great improvement over those worthless chat sites out there,

    Good Luck and Big Profits,

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    hi shorty... welcome from yahoo :)
    please also do a search on the forum if you did not yet.. you will find many useful information regarding your question. since this has been covered several times, it is not sure members answer right away.

  3. shorty,

    I use Quotes Plus,, for end of day screening. You write custom scans and run them on a data base of stocks, sectors, etc. A handy and economical product.
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    Here's some screening software programs that are quite extensive in their capabilities :

    Tickquest's NeoTicker



    Only know about these because of the research I've been doing to find a good screening program as well, can not tell you much about them though. I do not know what the pros and cons of each of these programs are, which is the best of those three listed above, etc. Maybe somebody else on this message board could share that info.
  5. Hi,

    QP2 is good choice for what concerns data & screening for technical indicator signals combined with fundamental data screening ( PE ratios etc. ) However, the charting module is rather mediocre - to say the least.

    You can export QP2 data to many formats ( i.e. ASCII, MetaStock ) and use better charting-software. A good combination is QP2 together with Amibroker - a software with many features like Metastock, ( custom indicators, scans, Expert-Advisor etc. but offering also backtesting for multiple securities at a time - just like Omnitrader.
    Annual license-fee is only 70.- USD ands includes all updates & upgrades for 12 month.

    see also

    You might also consider :

    Advanced Analyzer ( former Bigeasyinvestor ) It screens also for 150 different criteria, among others for variety of the most important candlestick patterns. Software is free, but data ( including fundamentals ) costs 40 USD/month. AA belonmgs to Ameritrade. Ameritrade customers get a discount on the monthly data fee of 25%.


    Good choice seems also to be AIQ's Trading expert

    As webbased screeners, I can recommend :
    ( very comprehensive technical and pattern screening, even realtime is possible )
  6. I currently use Ravenquote and AIQ TradingExpertPro. Both have good TA screening capabilities, EOD and rea ltime. I have tried StcokwatchPro but found that it had some very annoying bugs e.g. candles descending off the chart. Ravenquote cannot backtest but its charts are vastly superior to AIQ, IMHO. It is also a simple process to export watchlists from AIQ into RQ.



    I'll check put your recommendations. It's good to find this site with this many people willing to help. I've got dozens of questions and really know no one personally that understands these issues in any detail. I'll be back with others but I'll try not to overdo it.

    Thanks again,

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    An interesting site you might want to check out is the "easyselect" feature of You can screen for stocks with a large variety of TA inputs. I use it everyday to find Harami candlestick patterns from the previous day. Cost is $180/year. There are also two sites I know of that do just candlestick analysis for you. These are: and

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    Has anyone used both these products before. If so, how would you rate each one in terms of functionablility and ease of use. Also, how long do you have to wait before you can access the current day's data after market close.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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