screening (realtime and EOD) tools in IB?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by improve, Jul 20, 2008.

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    I am thinking of adding a new brokerage account for my active stock trading. I am interested in IB due to various good comments I read in ET.

    I would like to know if IB offers any screening tool that can filter out stocks based on user specified criteria? If yes, is it for real time data (which requires huge processing power of the servers and is highly unlikely) or EOD data? If yes to any of the two, what's the tool called?

    I searched at IB's website, but didn't find anything close to what I am looking for. If I know the name of the tool, I can look up in their website for details. Input from the current IB users (esp stock traders) will be highly appreciated!
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    Hi, stevegee58:

    Thank you for the very quick and helpful reply! I read the links you provided. The tool is for EOD data and seems to cover most of the criteria needed for my swing trading.

    Since IB is used widely by active traders, what screening tool does it provide for intra-day scanning (e.g. short-term breakout)? Ideally, I am looking for a streaming tool (screening result are sent to the users automatically upon updates). If that's not available, an intra-day tool that allows users to retrieve screening results manually (like TD Ameritrade) will be the next option.

    If you have any knowledge of such tools, please advise. I will also try to contact IB next week (no customer service in the weekend unfortunately :wtf:( ).
  3. The scanners are real time. You need to re-read the information. According to the first link, it updates every 60 seconds.

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    Hi, OldTrader:

    You are correct! Thanks for pointing it out. Somehow I missed that info...