Screening, monitoring, and flow of information

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bigbrent701, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. As a professional trader we all seek to have as many edges as possible, one edge i have always felt that professionals have more than the general retail public is a technological edge. Most professional traders whether they are on a trade desk, a prop firm, or those that do trade professionally from home tend to have more than one monitor for their trading. What i am interested in learning more about is how to optimize your technological edge as a professional trader.

    Topics that i would like to discuss are, screen setups- what is it that you watch on your screens what do you feel is important to monitor, chart setups - how many charts do you have up at any given time? How many are necessary? News flow - how do you use fresh news off the wire to serve as a catalyst for new trades and monitor existing trades for signs that they could reverse.

    I am also interested in learning more about the professional traders daily routine, what is it that you guys tend to do before you get ready to trade the day, what do you do during the day besides monitor your existing positions, how is it that you find new trades (screening).

    Now i realize that the professionals do now have nearly as big of an edge as they used to since the advent of the internet and widespread flow of information but i still feel that the opportunities are still there. I want to make this clear that ide like to avoid the arguing and bickering over whether or not it works or not i am only interested in your trading machine setups, daily routines etc. I feel that little things like this will ultimately add to your edge and something that we all can mutually benefit from.

    Ideas? thoughts? anything that needs clarifying? I will post a follow up on what I personally do if there seems to be people at a loss for words. Thanks guys.