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    Ive started screening for stocks and am using the Zacks custom screener. I am screening for momentum, value and growth stocks. The problem is when I run the screens for each, the results do not resemble any of the stock "tips" you can get. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or screens that would be helpful.
  2. "Value" and "growth" are subjective terms. For "momentum" stocks, an objective measure would be to screen for issues that are making 52-week highs or lows. Traders expect better continuation/reversal movement from those issues. Start there.
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    I agree but maybe I am putting to many fundamentals and earnings info into my screens.
  4. Once a month IBD publishes a list of new "buys" for mutual funds. I sometimes prospect off this list with my own criteria.
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    Interesting idea, there sure is a lot of info involved in this "hobby"
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    You have no idea ..... :eek:

    Remember, Hobbies cost money ....

  7. Each door opens a dozen new doors. Regarding "a lot of info" I say this. Focus on becoming a critical reader and discerning authors intent. What is the authors motive? This will save some time and pollution of the brain.
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    No hobbies can cost more but they can be pretty , this one keeps me out of trouble.This one may be better in January.
  9. You're all missing the most important issue.

    How are you going to trade it, eventually...

    Screening value and growth for a scalper has "less" meaning...


    Screening for intraday flunctuation for a Buy/Hold has "less" meaning...

    "Just screening" and "Screening with an objective" is different.
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    For most investors working outside the intra-day timeframe, I believe that a combination of fundamental criteria and technical indicators is the best path to pursue. The fundamental demonstrate the inherent strength (or value) of the investments while the technicals provide a sense of proper timing for buys / sells.

    There are still two inherent sides of investing that must be looked at. Growth stocks tend to be better momentum plays, while value stocks tend to be better rebound picks.

    There is one free tool that provides daily stock screening based on both fundamental and technical criteria. It can be downloaded at: It was put together by an effort by out local investment club down in NC.

    - Greg

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