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  1. Can anyone share a review of the of the pro's and cons of the many screeners out there. I am referring to:


    and others if they fall into this category.

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    do you want to backtest?
  3. Yes, I would like to backtest, particularly the past 5 years, where we have had so many different market cycles. The screening that I want to do, is more fundamental than technical.

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    I have had technical problems with the Reuters free screener over the years but it has what I need. They now have a for pay one that is supposed to have a lot more available.
  5. I have no experience with Validea. But Portfolio123 is better than the other (3) combined. And it's moderately priced.

    I have no connection with Portfolio123 other than a user.

    Good luck.
  6. Anyone have a link, where the different products are compared based on product features, service, capability, price etc?
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  8. never heard of some of these, provide the website....

    qualify WHAT you want to screen or want from a screener....

    do you want daily traiding stocks?
    do you want premarket stocks?
    do you want trending stocks?
    do you want position stocks?
    do you want news stocks?

    IBD ( offers a number of filters...
  9. "qualify WHAT you want to screen or want from a screener...."

    looking for a fundamental data screener that offers backtesting. my main concern with many of these is the ability to duplicate real $$ performance. I am concerned that data is not accurate and survivor bias plays a huge role.
  10. Most static screeners are a dime a dozen in my opinion there TONS and TONS of them

    and this is a small sample. Unless it is updating in real-time it is useless. For the rea-time stuff there are far less options, with the basic ones below.

    Hope that helps
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