Screener Question: Kangaroo tail

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Jerome@whistler, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I want to build a screener on Pro Real Time to detect kangaroo tail, as described by A. Elder.
    I'm trying to build it to detect the signal after the third candle has closed, and therefore been confirmed.
    With the simplified screener builder, I can't put the condition that the middle candle is x-time taller, or even the wicks being X-time the size of the body.
    Anyone has an idea how I can go around ?
    Thanks !
  2. birdman


    Hey Jerome ... welcome to the forum. I have no idea how to accomplish what you want to do. Hopefully, smarter minds than mine will come to your aid.

    Since you are familiar with ProRealTime, let me ask ... is it possible to configure their software to screen "Top Gainer" stocks in real time for the prior 10 minutes?

    Or in case i worded that poorly ... i currently use the paid version of Finviz, which i like, but i would enjoy, instead of screening today's activity, I'd prefer to screen the past 10 minutes of activity.