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Discussion in 'Trading' started by janko, Jul 24, 2001.

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    I'm relatively new to day trading (although not swing trading) and my Qcharts setup that you see on Dustins page has been enough for me so far. I'm still puzzled with all the talk of data problems with it, on the few times its gone down I just switch to a different server.
    I find setups on a 3min chart so maybe I don't notice any data problems if they are there?
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  2. janko


    hey mca, that is one nice set up,i used to have windows on walstreet i liked that, the charts are my big point, i need nice charts. but q charts looks like it has it all, i'm still trying to figure out whats up with the quality, i read different things on different boards, some do some dont have problems with it. how new are you? i see you use ib, and am wondering how you have been doing, trading wise. the penny per share makes it really easy to ride a few swings here and there even on small size and still make money, i guess i'm trying to see what might be the average someone can expect on trading with ib, you know, a begginer, who has decent knowledge but just getting his feet wet real lie. i dont know if you can answer that so any info is appreciated. oh yeah, how much does it cost monthly for 1charts, is it still 80 bucks? thnx
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    I quit my job as a commission based broker 5 months ago so I'm really new at daytrading. Of course I've traded a lot the last couple years but not much intraday.
    Maybe Qcharts has bad data for all I know, but I'm not scalping for pennies and their time/sales seems to be in sync with the prices quoted on IB. If it starts to fail on me a lot I'll leave and find another charting program.
    $80 is the cost + exchange and nasdaq fees.

    Plus, Its become apparent to me that a data feed is not my main concern. I think of trading as a psycological game I play with myself and about how I manage a trade once I'm in it and control any emotions. I've found that when I'm in a healthy mindsate and positive I tend to make money. When I'm frustrated, tired, nervous, etc. I tend to lose money; regardless of what the market does.

    I've been doing decent I guess recently at IB. I'm only trading usually 100-200 shares. For example, today was one of my best days with +$450. The commissions really help cut costs. I'm basically focusing on trading smart and managing risks to start out. I'm starting to get that "in the zone" feeling sometimes and I'll increase my goals, etc. as my trading stlye develops.
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    mca, i was wondering how much do you trade with? the acct size, if you dont mind me asking. thnx.
    see i work at charles schwab, a broker, got hte licenses and all, been watching and trading on and off the mkts for 3+ years, and i hate it here, i want to trade, but am affraid to go out there and trade for living, see my problem is i dont have the capital to get properly going, i guess you should have about 25k to work with. so thats my problem. man i wish i could trade!!!
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    Janko, I trade with a relatively small account at the moment. You can bet I'll fund it with that minimum next month.
    I can't advise you to leave your job or anything like that. With me, when I develop a passion for something I have to go for it no matter the risks(but thats just me)..

    you said "i hate it here, i want to trade, but am affraid to go out there and trade for living"

    If you hate it where you are, I would definetly either find out how to be happy there or move on.. but never do anything that your "afraid" of.......
    Just remember that statistic that everyone quotes: "90% of daytraders fail"

    My goal is to be in the %10 that don't....

    I realize this thread is about ScreenShots so I'll shut up now:)
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