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    Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you would like to share some pics of your setups, you know as far as how many monitors and how you have your workstations set up with order exec screen and quote software, i was just curious if any of you would like to post a few shots (links) so that one could get and idea what others use what they look at and overall to get an idea on how to set up lets say e-signal (charts/time/sales,etcc) i hope i'm not asking for too much personal info. thnx
  2. I use dual CRT 21" Sony Trinitron monitors 1280 X 1024 Resolution. RealTick for trading. Sortwizard for scanning. I don't have a way to post a screen shot. If anyone wants me to email him/her a screenshot, so they can post it up for me, I would gladly do so. Just let me know where to email it.

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    thnx bill - unfortunately i dont know how to post them, does anyone know? your help wouldbe greatly appreciated. thnx
    or bill i guess if you can e-mail me the pics that would work, its
    thnx a bunch
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    I just took this screenshot a few mins ago (after-hours):

    This is from a 3 monitor setup using RavenQuote/CyberTrader/Qcharts. Sorry it's a huge file, and I didn't want to risk distorting it by shrinking...
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    Anyone who wants their setups posted you can email me at

    I will leave them on my server for a couple weeks, or until the thread dies down.
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    Sniper's setup has been added. I am just putting all setup's on one page with links to each individual pic. This page will take a while to load. Anyone else who wants to add their's can email me. If we get enough setup's I may just leave it on my server and make a link on the front page of my site.
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    Could you point me to a website that has some info on Sortwizard. Did a search on google the other day and came up with nothing. Thanks.
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  9. This is Hitman's screen shot:
  10. janko and all,

    Here are some pictures from the web:

    In case you missed this one.
    Dustin -

    You can see my setup there also

    Here are some more pictures:

    I don't understand all the monitors in the background. Very interesting picture.
    Vadym Graifer -

    Small Picture for a "big" man? :)
    Ken Calhoun -

    If you have a weak stomach, you don't want to see this one.
    He probably bought the monitors with my money (just kidding, I love the guy) ;).

    Tony Oz -

    And my favorite setup comes from: lol


    PS, used to have a nice collection of pictures, but his site has been down for a while.

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