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    I don't know where else this belongs, but I have a quick PC question. If I want to capture a screen image as a .jpg, .gif, or whatever, what is the key combination? ...I can't remember.

    It is for a window in a trading application that doesn't allow for saving the image normally within the application.
  2. Usually I just press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard (one to the right of F12) and then it puts a copy of the screen in the clipboard buffer.

    Then I can go into a program like Photoshop and open a new project and go to PASTE and the screen comes up. At that point, you can resize it or save it as any file format you like (bmp, jpg, gif, png, etc ...)

    PS: Mspaint will also work if you don't have photoshop
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    Thank you sir....
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