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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by doug456, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. 1024x768x65535colorsx4screens.

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  3. RAY


    I just put a "mobile" trading system together; I just got a dell 8600 with 1920 X 1200 on a 15.4in screen. Works fine for me (I also connect a second panel to the 8600 at 1600 X 1200).

    My office workstation runs 1280 X 1024 (4), and I will be changing that to 1600 X 1200 soon.
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  4. doug456


    has anyone had any problems w/their eyes with the higher res. any headaches, etc?
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  5. TGregg


    I've got 6 Samsung 191Ts. Plus one of the 21" CRTs while it's cold outside (helps keep my office warm, LOL).

    EDIT: And I don't run it at that high res any more. It's farther away from me, and it runs at only 1280x1040 now. I've gotten spoiled using the lower resolution on the Samsungs apparently.
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  6. bro59


    12 x 10 on a handful of the newer Dell 19" lcd's. You can sit way back and give your focal length muscles a break. Kinda like kegal exercises for your eyes.
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  7. I have a kinda funky set up right now. Three 15" Viewsonic LCD flat panels set at 1024 x768 and one giant 21" CRT set at 1600x1200, which on a screen this big doesn't make things look too small, but it is good for running X_Trader on, as I find it takes up a lot of screen real estate.
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  8. Shouldn't the question be...

    How many charts do you put up?


    How many bars per chart do you need per each window?

    and etc.... rather than the hardware setup stuff...
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  9. agpilot


    The REFRESH RATE is more of a problem to your eyes than most anything else. Never use the old 60cps. Stay above 75 if possible. Next item to have is your type of lightening in your room. Been there, done the above and my eyes felt much BETTER within a couple of days. I've had to take extra care of my eyes for flying and this what I've found out by searching medical websites. Check it out. agpilot
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  10. Just the opposite, higher res. fixed my eyestrain problems.
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