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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lp3yc, Feb 10, 2006.

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    Has anyone found a good package that will record charts well?
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  3. If you mean Screen Capture...

    ScreenPrint32... it's free and works on multi-monitor. I've used it for a few years

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    good point gnome. guess i assumed OP was looking to literally record charts.

    another good screen capture app is and it's completely free.


    take care :)


    BTW: some charting programs have built-in capabilities (e$ignal, quotetracker, etc.).
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    Thanks for the info

    No I mean recorder, Some programs record screen action as an avi or mpeg and you can replay it to see the sum total of your sometimes wonderfull decisions ;)
  6. I think those recorder programs use a lot of hard drive space....
  7. SnagIt or Camtasia from TechSmith are by far the best. Camtasia includes editing, webcasting and other capabilities while SnagIt will just save the screen to an AVI.

    Like gnome says, you need a machine with good horsepower, plenty of RAM and lots of harddrive space.
  8. Tickquest. (neoticker)
    records the day and lets you replay the session whenever- like a video tape.
  9. We've used Camtasia quite extensively (for making training video, etc.) and its very stable to run alongside with, say, NeoTicker connected to a data feed.

    Did some testing the other day to record real-time 1-sec bar chart in action and it does the job fine.

    So if you are interesting in making video presentations on your charts I highly recommend Camtasia.

    On the other hand, if you are interested in trading practice with historical data replay, then you can use NeoTicker :)