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  1. marwanco


    Hello All,
    To Analyse market behaviour I want to record computer screen,
    where level II are displayed, to be replayed later.

    I tryed couple of free screen recorders, they record for a short period then they crash.

    I want to record the whole session from 9:30 till 4p.m

    What are my options?

  2. Redneck



    Not free or cheap - but it works

  3. JM1987


    I second camtasia, simple to use and works
  4. Try OEC Market Replay Plug-In.
    It will allow you to record session data and replay later inside their trading platform.
  5. Camtasia... said twice, but it doesn't significantly slowdown your system and it works very well.
  6. I have used Camtasia before. It works well. It didn't crash. However...

    Depending on how big the screen area you want to record. If just one single Level-2 window, it might be okay. But if you want to record an array of Level-2 windows... read on:

    I used to record one screenful of chart display on an old CRT based 19-inch monitor. The resolution was probably 1280×1024. Camtasia can only record about 1.5 to 2 hours continuously without problem. When I record more than 2 hours worth... it took forever (over 10 hours and still not finished) for the software to wrap up (to interleaf the audio or something) before closing the recording files. It basically renders it useless. I always have to stop the recording at about 90 minutes, let it does its thing, then start a new recording session for another 90 minutes and so on. The recording files were quite big.

    Thus your "whole session" of 6.5 hour in one file may or may not be achievable. Or you have to manually stop and start new recording sessions during the day. I would advice you to check with Camtasia tech support on it before buying.
  7. marwanco


    Thank you for your replies.

    Maybe there are already resources on the net where one can download
    this the level II action for some stocks?

    BTW is it legal to record and post level II video on the web for sharing?

  8. What are you thinking of "sharing" exactly?

    Just a recorded video of how the bid/ask changed for a given stock through out a given day? (Who would care for that?)

    Or your teaching of how to interpret the level II information?
  9. marwanco


    Actually I want to learn myself by studying the behaviour of level II.

    By sharing I ment putting it on youtube as an example.
  10. Adward


    I'd like to list what I use for more flexible choices.

    ScreenToaster: Web-based, no need to install. Record screen/app in your browser. Free.

    Camstudio: Open source. Simple. Basic recording options.

    DemoCreator: Slide-based. Office ribbon interface. Edit features.
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