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    A heads up... If you need a screen capture utility, you can get SnagIt for $40, or "5-Clicks" for $9.95. I just got 5-Clicks... It crops and prints, or saves in 3 format choices. It's named "5-Clicks" because you can turn it on, size, crop, print, and turn it off in a total of 5 clicks. It's intuitively simple and works great!

    Just Google "5-Clicks Software".
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  3. yeah well grabzilla is better

    grabzill is a SIMPLE but powerful
  4. i just tried this program.. just as i suspected won't let me capture multiple monitors [i have TEN!]

    GRABZILLA is way better GRABZILLA allows captures of ANYTHING in ANY monitor! HA!
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    I just tried Grabzilla and can't figure out how to print immediately after cropping... It appears there is a requirement to "save capture to file, select file, then print". Is that correct? If so, it is much like the also free AnalogX utility. Again if so, 5-Clicks does not require all those steps.
  6. What's wrong with just pressing the print screen button then pasting the image into Windows Paint for editing?
  7. yes you are right about GRABZILLA.

    Just tried 5-CLICKS -- I like it! I can also capture images on any of my multiple monitors like GRABZILLA. Nice program too. :)
  8. BWAHAHAHAHA! Are you kidding?? LOL :D
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    See... I TOLD you 5-Clicks is cool!
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