Screamers !!!!!

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  1. i don't mean your wife or GF ..

    everyone ELSE know they scream :p

    better ACDC

    C.J. Snare !!

    listen to this!listen to this! LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!

    LIVE, not studio HA!

    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  2. Pretty good. I haven't heard Firehouse in a long time.
  3. does it get any bettter/
    is there a greater frontman?
    show me wrong?????????ha


    axl rose..
    the legend
    the man
    the myth
  4. did someone say SCREAMER..

    i remember You

    SEBASTION BACH of [original} SkidRow
    god bless HIm

  5. Kinda iron maiden-ish. That's not a bad thing i guess:)

    Im not huge with youtoob, im sure theres tonnes of free stuff out there,
    but if you cant stand the glam rock image ,but still like screaming tonsil busting vocals, in a more mellow pub-rock environment, you may enjoy the artistry of this artist/band, jimmy barnes& Cold Chisel.
  6. Wow good song, thanks.
  7. Damnit, I thought you were talking about women..
  8. topdown


    Steven Tyler SCREAMS Amazing Grace and he's got to be pushing 60.

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  9. You call what Tyler did there screaming?

    Then what do you call the real no talent screamers and shriekers out there?
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