SCOTUS Takes Up Afirmative Action Case

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    This might be the beginning of the end of afirmative action in the U.S.

    As the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in a discrimination case filed by a white woman against the University of Texas, the Rev. Al Sharpton will lead a rally outside to show support for the school's admissions policy.

    The high court will take up affirmative action at universities on Wednesday.

    It'll hear arguments over a University of Texas program that uses race as a factor in a quarter of its incoming classes.

    Abigail Fisher (a white student) says the university chose not to admit her because of her race. She says that violates the constitution’s equal protection guarantee.

    Opponents say the university is practicing illegal discrimination by considering race at all.

    The school says using race as a factor is the only way to keep the student body diverse.

    The case could produce new limits on affirmative action at universities, or roll it back entirely.
  2. I'd like to see what would happen if the NFL and the NBA had a policy in place to keep the league diverse.
  3. You just know it's killing them that they can't use the argument that "without afirmative action, we wouldn't have Barrack Obama."

    Bill Clinton famously used the same argument only he substituted "Colin Powell." It was typical clinton magic, in that it managed to diminish Powell and exploit him at the same time.
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    can you imagine the reaction if Obama loses and AA gets eliminated.

    If they also eliminated fair employment discrimination laws... competent black people might actually get hired by small businesses again.

    Blacks who rose up the ranks might be judged to have earned it because they could and the did.

    Where as now when a talented black guy gets somewhere in business there is always the jealous group that says AA.

    By the I write as a person who at times has thought a some AA was useful.
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    It time for AA to go. Everything needs to be back on merit instead of discrimination.
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    Wailing and gnashing of teeth?
  7. It's a bullshit case, too narrow in scope.
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    It is narrow but that's where you start.
  9. You would think all of us would get tired of Al Sharpton as the spokesperson for black america. You name the issue, the media either stick a microphone in Sharpton's face or J Jackson.

    I used to ask myself, "Is this the best media can do?" Aren't there any other black people with credibility in America?

    Well now we have a black president, No one is asking Obama's opinion on anything. What a worthless putz and a disgrace to his race.

    I think it's more fun being pissed off at Al sharpton for good reason than to be pissed off at Obama for no particular reason.
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    It's fun being pissed at Sharpton because you know he will be going away soon. Obama, on the other hand, provides a daily sampling of things to be pissed at him about. So far 3 1/2 years worth.
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