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    I bought 500 shares short at 3:34 at $28.5. date 1-31, covered 200 shares at 3:54. After the day ended Ihad 300 shares short. I wake up this morning and still have 300 shares short. Says it clearly on the screen. So at the open i cover my three hundred shares short. so i am even. I go back to my screen and it says I have 100 shares short. huh. so i go back to my execution log and it says no shares were covered on 1-31. so if that is the case why did i not have 500 shares after close on 1-31. and if no shares were covererd on 1-31, and I covererd 300 of my 500 shares, how come i would not have 200 shares instead of the 100 I have. the guys at scottrade told me i was crazy. but I looked at my account for hours last night and am absolutley positive i had 300 shares short.:confused: :confused:
  2. You probably already checked...but did the 300 buy to cover order only get partially filled, leaving you with 100 short?
    Good luck.
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    the 300 were coverered all at once. I called scottrade and they say i did not cover any shares yesterday. so if not why when i covererd 300 this morning why dont i have two hundred left. the branch manager told me i was crazy in so many words. but it is simple math. the higher ups(technical department) are perplexed and said they will call me back when they figure it out. confused because my position screen showed only 300 shares outstanding after close on 1-31. I feel like I must take a screen shot at close everyday to prove myself.

    IB or think or swim here i come